Friday, September 13, 2013

sam & suzy: 23 weeks

Now that Sam's a bit older and the weather is a bit cooler, we've been going out as a family more often. I just love it! This is what we've been waiting for. And it's only going to get better!

My favorite thing to do is go up to Davidson, NC (a small college town like 15 minutes away). They have a great farmers market. We got Sam some veggies for him there and some cookies and a whoopie pie for us. They have an awesome coffee shop and a great diner for breakfast. After our activities, we go across the street and walk the college campus. This place so so beautiful with old buildings and trees everywhere. Definitely not like the college campus I'm familiar with from Arizona.

We go grocery shopping. We take lots of walks now. We even went to church last week, which he slept through the entire thing. We are going to the beach soon, Renaissance Festival, hopefully apple picking too. 

Sam went for his other set of vaccines yesterday, which always includes a check up. I like taking him to the doctors, it's like a confirmation we are doing good. Yay, we still get to keep him! I can't believe Sam gained almost 3 pounds since last month. It's funny because he's still on the smaller size of most of his buddies.

His doctor also told us it was ok that Sam sleeps on his tummy. That's a relief because no matter how often I turn him over, he's back to sleeping on his tummy. But he's a champ at rolling over both ways and lifting his head, so it's ok for him sleep like that. Still doesn't stop us from constantly checking him.

I've been feeling great! It feels so good to have a pretty solid routine around the house now. I've been going zumba about twice a week. I'm also happy that we take evening walks with the dogs. Poor dogs haven't been getting as much attention as they deserve, so it's good that we walk them more now. It was really bothering me. Oh and sweet glorious sleep! I'm so much happier now that we all get more sleep. 


Dena Joan said...

Yay for good checkups and happy, healthy babies & mamas. I am SO jealous of your sleep. Someday... hopefully someday soon. Hope you post pix of apple picking & Renaissance Festival!! <3

Suzy said...

Dena: Ha ha, my sleep means Sam still waking up at 5:30-6. I'd love for an extra hour. Have you tried a white noise machine?

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