Friday, August 16, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 19 weeks

why haven't i put him in overalls sooner? too cute!

Last night we had Sam sleep in the pack n play after a couple weeks of him sleeping in the sleeper. Rob's mom has been watching him and saying that Sam hasn't been napping good and she thinks he's just not comfortable in the sleeper anymore. I totally agree. So no more sleeper! And Sam actually did pretty well. He woke up twice, which is ok since he did go to bed without a bottle. I woke up to him sleeping on his side, no no stay on your back boy!

Also, lately he's been fussy when falling asleep and wants nothing but me to put him to sleep and will scream otherwise. That's why I think he's teething and loving to chew on things. I did order an amber teething necklace. Can't wait to get it!

It finally happened!! Sam laughs now! I got him giggling the other day by going "Om nom nom" and kissing his neck*heartmelts*. Then the other day I was dancing silly for him while Rob had him standing up and dancing too. He loved it. It's the best thing ever when babies laugh! I love how happy this kid is.

Did you know that you can get a cold on top of another cold? I'm really trying to be healthy here I and keep getting beat down. Blarg! I took a sick day on Monday to get some much needed rest and try to get this cold under control. I watched Grey Gardens, omg these women are amazing in a sad way! I contemplated being Little Edie for Halloween, but no one will know who I am.

Regardless how I felt, I did go to another swim class and tomorrow I am going to do Zumba. Also, Rob and our friends have the OMB Copper Classic 1k race tomorrow!! I know, huge mileage there! But it's for charity and it's at a brewery and that's awesome! Hee hee, I am going to carry Sam in the Ergo, so it'll be his first race.


Dena Joan said...

Roman always slept in his swing. Then it was clear that he wasn't comfortable in there so we put him in his crib (swaddled) and he loved it. Now he has a cold, so he needs to be propped up, so back in the swing. Blarghhh... It's always something. Get well soon!

P.S. Those overalls are TOO CUTE!!

Unknown said...

Those are the cutest overalls! Amelia has 2 teeth coming in and started waking up every 2 hours to eat again. She's been sleeping in her PAC n play, but has to fall asleep in our bed and then be moved. I'm trying to start her naps in her crib instead of her swing...hopefully soon she will sleep in her own room. Fingers crossed. How do you like the ergo? Amelia would only let me put her in the moby.

Suzy said...

Dena: We have to swaddle Sam too to get good sleep. I also tried the white noise machine last night and it worked really well!

Shawna: It's refreshing to learn that other's are going through the same things I am. Our friends make it seem so easy to get the kids to nap and sleep in their own room and such! Sam likes the Ergo as long as he's moving, but fusses if I'm standing still. He does not like the sling I got at all.

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