Friday, August 2, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 17 weeks

Last Saturday we went out with our friends for some Post Ultramarathon celebration. Rob and the boys ran 31 miles!! Our friend's mom watched Sam and thier little boy, Levi, who is only 3 weeks older than Sam. It was the first time we left Sam with someone other than Rob's parents and during the evening. I was good, but I'll always miss Sam like crazy when I'm away from him. Also, I still have yet to have the energy to last the night hanging out with our friends. I felt so lame, but it was way past Suzy's bedtime!

We get to hang out again this weekend for a birthday party. We always make sure we get a picture of Sam and Levi side by side to show how much they've grown. Little buddies! I love it. I can't wait till they can start interacting and playing with each other.

Sam got his exersauser, which we ordered online because the ones at the consignment sale were not much cheaper and dirty. Good lord this boy loves it! When we first put him in, he looked at the starfish above him and he had the biggest grin. Then he proceeded to touch and move all the over toys around him like a pro. It brought me such joy to see him so happy!

Ha ha, though because it was close to bed time and it's a very stimulating toy, Sam only lasted 15 minutes before he started getting over stimulated and cry. Which he then fought so hard to fall asleep. Like screaming hard. Man, over stimulation is a bitch!

I got to join the local Aquatic Center. I'm super pumped! I wanted to do the Pure Barre classes, but when you add it up, it's a lot of money. So for at least $50 less a month than Pure Barre, I can take swim exercise classes, yoga, zumba and so much more. I'm going to check out a swim class on Saturday morning to see how it is. Ha ha, I gotta check if I fit into any of my bathing suits! And with the monthly fee over my head, well that's great motivation to keep going, heh.

I am on my third cold (as is Sam) since May. I can't tell if this last one from daycare of the office since my boss is sick too. It's frustrating because I'm the person who never got sick! I'd maybe get a slight cold every year. But what can I do when Sam's exposed to all that at daycare and he's breathing and coughing on me while I feed him? On the plus side, it's another thing to really motivate me to really take care of my body. Exercising, eating good!


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