Friday, August 23, 2013

sam & suzy: 20 weeks

stop shoving food in my mouth!

Sleeping in the Pack and Play has been working really well! I couldn't be more happy and proud of Sam for sleeping so good in it. I started using the white noise machine our room and I think that helps tremendously! I checked out Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep and am loving it (just like his other books). I'll write a book review on it next week. But man, there are some useful stuff in there that I'm already starting to implement with Sam.

Oh that 1k that me, Rob, Sam and our friends were to race? Yeah, it was pouring rain and didn't run it! We quickly grabbed our shirts and went into the brewery for our beer, then we all went to another restaurant for some beers. What I bummer! I was really looking forward to it, but at least we had a good times with our friends.

This weekend I'm helping throw a joint baby shower for two of our neighbors. Fun times! And both are having girls, so lots of pink!

Things seemed to have settled with Sam again. Last couples weeks were kind of crappy for him, from a cold to runny poos, bad diaper rashes and just general fussiness. He's sleeping good. His bum is all normal. He's my happy little man!

I've been feeling pretty good! This cold is finally leaving and I haven't had a pounding headache from it since Sat. With that I sleep better, I'm in a better mood and it felt good exercise. Although can I have a free day? We've been so busy lately! I don't know when's the last weekend that we had no plans. While, it's super fun (yay we have a social life) I'd like to just lay low one day.


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