Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Guessing Game

airing out that bum and giving him crazy hair.
The past couple of days Sam has had a bad diaper rash, mainly from the runny poos he's had. Poor little guy is fussy, screaming from the sore bum and not sleeping well. So, I started playing the guessing game. What is causing the diaper rash?

- Mucus from his cold just draining and making him go to the bathroom so much? Yeah, but he's pretty much over it and doesn't cough anymore.

- Teething? Well, he did enjoy chewing on his teething toy which he hasn't in the past and he's been drooling.

- The fenugreek I've been taking for boosting my milk? Hmmm, a bit of searching on the net and saying that babies can get runny poos from it. Of course I find this out after I took some (d'oh!), but have since stopped. Also, I am pumping and dumping today, suck.

And you know, it's probably all of this and maybe something else! Welcome to motherhood Suzy!

So now, how to treat it naturally as possible? Thankfully the Honest diapers he uses are good, but we have to hold off on the wipes because of the citric acid, which burns his bum. He's at grandma and grandpa's right now and she's washing his bum in the sink each time and letting it air out. Sam loves naked time! Which we should do more of even without any rashes. I also bathed him with some baking soda in the water. Then instead of lotion, I used coconut oil, which is super for the skin and the sore areas. I've also been using natural butt paste.

I hope with all of this, he'll be better soon! But it's just frustrating because Sam's uncomfortable and there's only so much you can do at one time. But time, is really the best remedy. And knowing that I'm not there all day to comfort him and help him get better bums me out. I love Rob's parents and daycare too, but I'm his mom..ya know?


Unknown said...

Poor Sam, I hope the rash goes away soon and he feels better! You may or may not want to try this, I know when people tell me to try something I'm like uuummm ok thanks but no thanks lol I only put certain things on my baby but when she had a not so nice diaper rash we ended up putting some lanolin cream on her, if you don't have the diaper rash lanolin cream you can use nipple cream :) that cleared it up right away. Lanolin cream and nakey baby time did the trick and halfway thru the day it started looking so much better. Let me know if that helps him if you do decide to try it out.

Dena Joan said...

Get well soon, sweet little Sam! And Suzy, if all else fails, try California Baby Calendula Cream - here. When nothing else would work on Roman's baby acne, it worked like a charm. To this day, if I don't apply at least every two days, the rash comes back!

Good luck! XOXO

Suzy said...

Thanks ladies!

I've actually heard of these remedies too! I was thinking about trying the Lanolin cream. Sam's pretty good right now though! Looks like nekkid time, no wipes and coconut oil help. But I am definitely going to get a tub calendula.

Unknown said...

Amelia has had a bit of a rash the past few days too. I'm not sure what she ate or possibly the hard core teething that had her pooping so much? So I am feeling your pain. I didn't know to try coconut oil, I'll have to try it next time. I hope your little one gets better soon :)

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