Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Summer Challenge July Update

going out all together and to the farmers market was a lot of points
It's been a while since I last did an update on the Super Summer Challenge. It's been pretty fun and a good way to motivate me to do stuff. Like I knew that if I walked the dogs a bit longer, I could get 50 points rather than just 25 for a short dog walk. I drink more water at work now because of the challenge, which is super.

I may not reach the full goal of 10,000 points. I did start a bit late and I will admit, Sam is a big factor and sometimes I just don't have time. It's certainly kept me motivated though and I almost wouldn't mind to continue to challenge myself.

Some fun highlight so far that got a lot of points:

- I joined the local Aquatics Center +500

- We went out as a family to the Farmers Market and walked the college campus with the stroller +100, +75 and +50

- We went out with friends last weekend and had some beer +75 and +25


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