Friday, May 3, 2013

Sam and Suzy: 4 weeks

sam 4 weeks

Are we a month old already? Sweet!

We made a big decision this week. We are going to continue supplementing Sam with formula and breast feed him with a bit of pumping. For 3 weeks we tried upping my supply and I barely doubled it. It was just getting too stressful for everyone. We had to breast, bottle and pump every 2 hours and most of the time we had to wake Sam up, which then we'd have to get him back to sleep only having to be woken up a hour, sometimes even less for the next feeding. Now we feed him when he's hungry, which is about every 2 -3 hours. We all sleep better too, yay! (well...most of the time)

I wish I could exclusively breast feed him, it really breaks my heart. I have to accept that my body cannot make enough and be happy that I atleast can give him some and that's still awesome.

Rob and I also had our first date. Rob convinced me that we should go out while his parents were still in town because it'll be a long time till we get another chance. We went to the movies and I cried at the Superman preview when they showed baby Superman. Yeah...go me, lol. Then we went and had some sushi. I was thrilled to be able to have smoked salmon again! I also bought Sam a couple of outfits to help me feel better about leaving him. When we came back, I rushed to my little man and hugged and hugged and hugged him.

We introduced the pacifier to Sam. While he doesn't use it much, when he does it works like a charm. I love it. And, he looks so cute with it.

He's becoming more aware of his surroundings. He likes laying under his activity center, chilling to the music. I still read him his contrast book everyday, which he loves to stare at. I can't wait till he starts grabbing at objects.

I started working part time from home this week. It feels good to work a bit and to chat with the people at work. It does get hard when Sam doesn't want to be put down. I put him in the Ergo carrier so I have both hands free. It works rather well!

I am itching to start exercising again. I need to get my body moving. Also, I'm getting too small for my maternity pants, yet too big for my pregnancy pants. I really don't want to buy new clothes. But I really can't wait to start running again and running some races in the fall. My goal is to run a half marathon in 2014.


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