Friday, May 10, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 5 weeks

Here we are at week 5.

My sister got us a Baby Magic Bullet. It's totally cool because I really wanted to try making our own baby food. And the Baby Magic Bullet is too cute. I can't wait to start making some baby food. I wish we had a garden this year so I could make baby food with veggies we grew ourselves. Next year.

The weather is finally starting to warm up and Sam and I have been taking walks everyday. I try to go for at least 30 minutes and make sure we go up a couple hills in the neighborhood because that is a work out. Feel the burn! I'm thinking Sam likes it since he falls asleep pretty quickly. Sometimes he is awake, looking at the tree overhead.

We had a bit of a formula issue the other day. Since I'm supplementing, I decided that we should switch to an organic formula. So I decided to make the small hop to Similac Organic since we've been using the regular Similac that he's good with. Yeah...this stuff did not work well with Sam. We had a bad fussy night, followed by constipation, followed by the most icky smelling poo bomb. Rob found on the internet that that happens to a lot of babies using Similac Organic. We started using Earth's Best now and he seems to like it a lot more. Poop is still a bit slow going, but it could be just the actual switch over. Lesson learned though!

I bought some regular jeans at Good Will last weekend. That was interesting since I have no clue what size I am. I tried a few on which fit great, even a little tight. Of course, I get home and now they are big on me. I have to use Rob's belts because my belts are too small.

I'm feeling quite good. Sometimes, when we've had a bad night, I'm not a happy camper. I become quite crabby with Rob, which isn't right because he's not getting sleeping either and he's trying hard to help me out. Once I get the day going though, I've got energy and I'm in a real good mood.

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