Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm a mommy to a boy

I'm going to be real here y'all. Part of the reason I didn't want to find out what I was having when pregnant, was that I really wanted a girl and I didn't want to be disappointed if we found out it was a boy early on.

I wanted to raise a geeky girl who loves comics, sci-fi and can do things like coding websites. I wanted her to be a strong and creative person. I was afraid to have a boy. Boys like things like sports, cars and violent video games. I don't know how to deal with those sorts of things.

But here I am. I'm a mommy to a boy. I had my mini sad moment, but one night at the hospital I started thinking about all the cool boy things that will be my life now. And now I'm so excited!

- I hear boys just love their mommies more than girls. I can totally dig that.

- Boy Scouts: Rob was a Boy Scout and he did awesome stuff. He was outside and around nature a lot. I wasn't like that when I was a kid, so it's important to me that Sam gets outside a lot and learns all the things Boy Scouts teaches.

- Super Heroes/Comics and movies: I hope Sam likes super heroes. I was totally into comics as a teenager. I can totally play with action figures and watch the latest Avengers movie.

- Hockey: While I'm not into sports at all, if there was one sport I'd like Sam to play is Hockey. Rob played a bit of hockey. I like watching hockey on tv.

- Manners: I want to raise Sam to be a little gentleman. I want him to be respectful to adults and address them in a polite way. I want him to treat girls equally and open doors for them. No cussing, no bullying and no saying mean things that only boys tend to say.


sealedwithmyhug said...

I know what you mean. I wanted a girl SO bad with Luca. I cried for three days when I found out he was a boy and I even googled it to find forums to tell me I was not alone and it was normal to be disappointed. I mourned the loss of the girl I wanted and then began loving the boy I was having. Sam will be the little boy you hope to raise and he will be so much fun.

After seeing how Luca vs Natalie are I would totally have another little boy if I could. I love Nat and wouldn't trade her but if I had another child and could choose the gender I would choose another boy. Luca is only three but he is totally not into sports at all yet, not even curious. He prefers to play on the iPad, learn about shapes, flags, maps, numbers ("Plus, three plus three is what, mama?" he asks), trains, signs, letters and words and typing them out. He is a little nerd like his dad and is so quiet and focused.

I know you will do fine with Sam. It is good you allowed yourself to have that sad moment and that you found a place for it and can now focus with what you have been given.


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