Monday, May 20, 2013

Shaping Up Month 1

I passed my postpartum appointment with flying colors! Ha ha. Since I'm now back to "normal", I can finally start getting my body back into shape. Now, I'm not expecting myself to be exactly how I was before I was pregnant. My body went through way too much for that. Instead I'm just going to work on getting into shape and losing the weight I am meant to lose.

Also, starting soon I'm going to start running again. My goal is to run a half marathon in 2014. That right there will help me get into shape and stay motivated. Thankfully I have Rob and friends who are runners and that always inspires me to run.

And since I have a blog, I have to document it! Besides, it'll help me keep track of how I'm doing. I plan to check in once a month. Even though weight is not really what I want to focus on, it's the easiest to measure.

Pre-Pregnancy Weight - 118 lbs
6 weeks

Pregnancy Weight - 153 lbs ( that's +35lbs)
37 weeks

May 20th:
Weight - 130 lbs
Exercise Plan - Post natal yoga dvd, walking
Feeling - I'm feeling so ready to get started! Unfortunately I threw out my back pretty good and I have to take it very easy. Going to the chiropractor later today. I did manage a very gentle post natal yoga session and I walked the dogs. Bodywise, when I wear maternity clothes, I feel great, those belly bands hold and smooth everything out. When I wear normal clothes, they just fit weird and my mushy tummy sticks out.
crappy bathroom pic


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