Friday, May 24, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 7 weeks

getting ready to go to daycare*

Sam started daycare this week! And you know, it went way easier than I thought it would. When we dropped him off, he was just looking around the room and he didn't cry when his teacher held him. Sure I cried a little, but because he seemed fine and his teachers are super nice, it made it easier for me. I worked from home that day and it was so nice to be alone in a quiet house. I think I would've felt different if I went straight back to the office. I went and visited Sam at lunch and he was just chilling in a bouncer and then fell asleep as I held him. And when we picked him up, he was totally asleep. He slept so good that night too! I think that is a successful day!

A couple days later and he's still doing great. Only cries when he's hungry they say. Again, such a relief for me. I'm enjoying my time back in the office, being around the girls again. We get home and I snuggle with Sam and play with him. Then we all sleep for a good few hours until the next feeding. I couldn't be any happier!

Only bad thing...he already got the sniffles. Last night his nose was all stuffy. He hasn't gotten worse, which is good and he only got a little fussy during the night. It was inevitable, after all is it daycare filled with snotty kids.

He's changed so much this past week. He looks more like a baby now, rather than a tiny newborn. Sam's much more alert and awake during the day. He likes being in the swing now, whether sleeping or awake. His hands have more control which he uses to rub his eyes or punch me while I breastfeed. He's starting to make more noises.

And the best of all...Sam smiles now! When he wakes up in the morning is when he smiles the most. It's the sweetest thing ever. Even this morning after sniffling all night, he woke up and gave me some smiles.

I'm doing pretty good. I've been dealing with back pain, which sucks when trying to pick up a baby. I need to start strengthening my core again and pay another visit to the chiropractor. I haven't had a chance to do any exercising since we're still getting used to our new schedule with work and day care. 

I started pumping at work. Now that's interesting. Currently I have to pump in the nice bathroom on the floor above us. It's not so bad. I just put a little sign up saying I'm pumping, but still come in. We're going to have a bigger new office later this summer, so I'll get to pump in one of the storage rooms, which will be much nicer and not like a crappy regular storage room. I pump twice a day. Which you'd think I'd pump a lot of milk, but nope I still pump the same amount as if I pumped and breast fed throughout the day. That's pretty frustrating since it's bit of a hassle to pump, at least reward me with a lot a milk! Oh well, the main point is to keep going that way I can continue to breast feed Sam at home. I have to say, I love breast feeding Sam, I love the closeness and he's so darn cute when he's feeding. I'm grateful that I can do it at all. I'm curious to see how long I can keep it up, if I can make it past 6 months, that would be awesome.

*I'm going to start doing the bear photos once a month now


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