Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

Ever since I read all the Secret books, my life has completely changed. I am now way more positive. Although I will admit since having Sam and learning to become a new mom, it's hard to stay positive sometimes. Like when you wake up every hour throughout the night and then try to function like a normal person. And I noticed that those days, things don't go so well. But I am trying again to keep up the positivity and one way to do that is list what you're grateful for!

I recently discovered Gala Darling, a great blog written by Gala, a lovely hip chick, that's about living a more positive life. Every Thursday Gala does a Things I Love Thursday post, and she recommended we try it too. So here's my first Things I Love Thursday (TILT) post!

- Sam's smiles and babbling in the mornings

- The digital photo frame at work and when it shows an old photo of me and Rob

- When my dad tells me he prints the photos of Sam from Facebook for my mom to see and in the morning he puts a photo next to her coffee

- The beer app Untappd, and how me and Rob talk smack with our friends through it

- I finally started getting into The New Girl season 2 and it's hilarious

- My new glasses

- Giggling with the office girls, they crack me up

- iTunes radio has some great stations, I've been really digging CBC 3, Canadian indie rock

- While my body can't produce enough for Sam, I still love breast feeding him and having him close to me like that

- I love Rob and all that he does for me. Seriously, this guy works so hard and sometimes has to put up with my negative attitude

- Those nights (which are becoming more common) of 4 hour blocks of sleep

- Taking a shower when Sam's still sleeping

- We work in an awesome area with bars, cool restaurants and concerts (even though we can't really do any of those right now)

- I'm so happy the weather is warm again and all the trees have their leaves. It's so beautiful outside

- Going to bed at dusk, it's so peaceful to me

- Getting lunch from the CommonMarket on Fridays

- Sam's daycare and his teachers


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