Monday, April 1, 2013

38 weeks

I'm having a baby this month! Like, this is for real now. Like, I'm trying not to freak out. Like....woah!

I'm still feeling pretty good most of the time. Saturday night, however, sprout was just plain mean and really wiggling down low. That's a very uncomfortable and sometimes a bit painful. I think it wore itself out because I barely felt any movement until the late the next morning.

Saturday we went to Babies R Us and bought some of the stuff we still needed. If this baby can come any day now, I don't want to be left without a few key items. Again, Babies R Us wore me out. I told Rob I hope this was the last time we had to go. Afterwards, we went to our fav. taco place here in Charlotte, Cabo Fish Taco. Who knows when will be the next time we get to go there. We also walked around some of the shops and had frozen yogurt. It was a nice little date.

Easter was nice and quiet at our house. Just me and Rob and tons of candy, which I have no self control when I'm around it. We spent the morning in Starbucks writing up our birth plan. I think we've got something good and simple for everyone to understand. Afterwards we went to church, which was real nice. The rest of the afternoon was me taking it easy and Rob doing some paint touch up. I baked some carrot cake cupcakes for dessert and the girls at work. They turned out real good. We also did a video chat with my family in Arizona. It was quite chaotic, but a lot of fun. Everyone was there! They all got to see my huge belly, hee hee. Despite me missing them like crazy, it makes me happy that my family all gets together like that.

This week is all about getting the house clean and ready. Our carpets are (finally) getting cleaned. I'm going to stream line the kitchen to make room for all those bottles and such that are to come in the next few months.

I also have a meet and greet with who I hope is to be our pediatrician. This practice came recommend by my OB. They seem real nice and they also practice integrated medicine, which is awesome.


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