Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Birth Story

together at last

It's crazy to think that this day last week I was going into labor. That in a short time, we'd be a family.

I am so proud of how well my labor went. Ok, it was hard, but overall it wasn't so bad.

I had this hunch or weird feeling on Thursday night. I had some intense Braxton Hick contractions in the evening and then in the middle of the night, this pressure in my pelvis that was no fun. Like every night, I thought "Could this be it?" 

Friday I woke up as usual, feeling fine. I took a shower and when I got out I noticed a bit of red tinged stuff. Oh? I sat on the toilet and saw it again. I woke up Rob and told him what was going calmly as I could because that doesn't mean that I'd actually go into labor that day. We decided we'd work from home and call the doctors when they opened. Again, not thinking anything was going to happen, just let's play safe. Then before 8 am I felt a bit leaky. Was that just my water that broke? Put on a pad, again trying not to get too excited. But I just continued to leak, which was quite comical at times. I didn't feel any different though, no contractions or anything. We called our Bradley instructor, she told us to hang out at home and do a couple things that might jump start my labor. I basically had about 12 hours to get it going myself before we have to go to the doctors.

We tried some of the techniques to jump start my labor. It was very s-l-o-w going. My excitement started to wear off as I got worried that I'd have to be induced, 'specially that I tested positive for Group B-Strep. We just hung out and waited. Rob worked while I laid low. I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry, pick up around the house and pack the bags. I called Susan again in the afternoon telling her there was still no progress, that I just felt a bit crampy. She encouraged to me to keep trying, but castor oil might be my next option, I'll just have to run it by my doctor. thank you!

Then it started to pick up. Hello contractions! I am having this baby this weekend! The contractions were pretty mild, like period cramps and back aches. I relaxed as best as I could, ate good food, drank lots of water and went to the bathroom often. All in preparation for when I'd be in the thick of labor. My contractions started to pick up and we called the doctors, hoping they'd want us to go there before the hospital since I was still early in labor. They told us to go straight away. Yeah...we still held off since my contractions were not longer, stronger or closer together. We waited till about 3 to finally head  over to the hospital since traffic was only going to get much worse. I don't feel like laboring in a car for any longer than needed.

going to the hospital
We're finally at the hospital now! After the brief slow down of contractions in the car, they really started to pick up at the hospital. Our nurse, Brooke, was very nice and understood our birth plan and wishes. Our hospital is real positive about natural births. I labored pretty well for a while. Rob, through out all of this, was such an amazing coach. He did all the right things, supported me, listened, encouraged me to move and drink and pee. The contractions picked up pretty quickly and it was painful. I believed I had what they call back labor, where my pain was in my lower back more than the front pelvic area. It's no fun.

We learned that the doctor on call was Dr. Zolzer, which I was super thrilled about. I love all 3 doctors at my practice, but Dr. Zolzer was always my favorite. He came to visit after awhile and checked my progress...only 6 cm, poo! By that time there was a nurse switch and Jamie was now our nurse. She was absolutely wonderful. One of the first things she did was encourage me to take a bath. Oh sweet relief! That was the best thing ever. I was even allowed to stay in there until I had to push, which I almost thought I could do before it got too hot in there. As I was getting out of the bath and drying off I had a big contraction and the urge to push! We quickly told the nurse and she checked me out. Sure enough my cervix was all ready! 

In between Dr. Zolzer first coming to see me and the bath, those contractions were just painful. I fully understand why woman get the pain meds and stuff. Countless times I cried to make the pain stop. At one point I looked at Rob and I told him that I just couldn't go on my own anymore and I needed relief. Rob looked me in the eyes and holding back tears he told me that I MUST stay strong, that this is what I wanted and I can do this. If it weren't for that moment, I would've caved and gotten some sort of pain med.

At that point things moved so fast. The bed got prepped, Dr. Zolzer came to check, they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and we began to push. I was so excited! We are almost there. We were at the end and we'll be seeing our baby soon. I thought contractions were hard. They are painful, yes...but pushing is a whole other thing. Pushing isn't painful. Pushing is so extremely intense. Your body has completely taken over and the only thing you can do is help and push. I pushed and pushed and it was wearing me out. Thankfully that between pushing, you get peace. I tried my best to relax and become calm again.

Then we finally got to the point where Dr. Zolzer was needed. Our baby was so close! I pushed with all my might, imagining the baby going down and out. I heard Rob telling me he could start seeing the head. I just kept my eyes closed and focused within. Everyone was so encouraging and helping me. Jamie told me when a contraction would start and we'd push and push and puuuuuushhhh. When I was just at the end everyone was like, "Look! You can see the head!!" I looked and was completely shocked of how big the head was. I had to quickly close my eyes because that actually scared me, I had always imagined the baby being much smaller. 

Another couple of pushes and our baby was finally out! Such joy! Our baby was here! I heard it's little cry and it was amazing. I watch Dr. Zolzer get the gunk out and that's when I exclaimed, "It's a boy!" Ha ha, yes I was surprised. We had really wanted a girl. But here was our Sam and I couldn't have been any happier.

He was placed on me quickly and I loved on him so hard. And of course marveled at the fact that he was born with so much dark hair! Where did that come from? Rob got to cut the cord. We just sat there marveling at this little guy. We were a family now.

Rob is already such a great dad

In the end I gave birth to Sam completely drug free. We learned that Sam was also born with his arm out. To think my labor could've been even easier. Our Bradley instructor said that because of his arm position, that's what probably caused the delay in labor. I only tore a tiny bit and required a few stitches. 

I am so extremely proud of myself. I did it. I couldn't have done it without Rob, but that's what makes us so great together. This moment will always remind me that I can get through anything. I got through infertility by being grateful of all that I have and never stop believing in myself. I got through pregnancy respectful of my amazing body. I got through labor stronger than I ever imagined I could be. 


Dena Joan said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! This is the best thing ever!! It reminded me so much of my own labor -- like so, so much. Except that you were way calmer than I was. My labor moved fast. But, especially the part about Rob talking you off the ledge. That happened to us, too! Except I didn't wants meds, I wanted a c-section! Oh the crazy things you think of in those moments! In both of our cases it was probably too late for any of that stuff anyway! Ugh, I am so proud of you as I read this. It's just extraordinary. Such a miracle. <3 <3 <3 And, oh, that picture of tiny Sam on Rob's lab. ****AWWWWwwwwww!!!****

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