Friday, April 5, 2013

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

This week...

Pregnancy Ups

- I'm feeling a lot better in back ache department. Sprout is sitting more comfortably. I still get sore and my hips have been kind of achy, but that's totally fine by me.

- We had the house, the carpets and couch cleaned this week. The house feels amazing!

Pregnancy Downs

- My OB appointment was interesting. Sprout's heart beat was on the low side and I had to be put on the Fetal Monitor for a bit. Everything turned out fine. Good heart pattern and baby moves a lot, we're just on the low side. Doctor said baby's just getting older.

- I'm starting to turn a bit into a nervous ninny. Every morning on our way to work I go to Rob, "OMG! It can happen any day now! I can't have it happening before next Wednesday! (new kitchen counter tops) How will I know when I'm in labor? Everything's going to chaaaaange!" We laugh about it, but inside I'm pretty nervous.


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