Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank you REI!

Ok, Rob and I love REI. It's just a fun place to shop and it always gets you motivated to be more active outside. Rob's even a member, where we get great deals, dividends and our favorite, the garage sale, where you can buy returned and used items at amazing prices. (you know we'll be at the one at the end of this month!)

Remember how I wrote about the awesome Black Friday deal we got with our BOB stroller? Well the good folks at REI left a comment say how they'd like to give us a gift. What?? I totally was skeptical, this is the internet, but it turns out it really was REI!!

Monday we got a gift card in the mail! I couldn't believe how awesome and generous they were. Thank you!

Since this was sprout's gift card, we looked at what sort of baby gear they had and I was surprised that they had more than I expected. I always knew they had a great kids selection, but what really can you do with a baby outdoors? Let it see awesome how nature is! What we ending up getting was the Ergo baby carrier, one of my musts on my list. I was so happy to see REI carry it. It makes sense, be outside and close with your baby!

So again, thank you REI for the gift! We are truly grateful. Not only we'll be be running and jogging with our baby in the BOB stroller, we'll be carrying our baby around in style!

this is a wonderful example of if you are positive and help others out without being selfish, you will in turn be helped out: )


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