Monday, December 31, 2012

25 weeks

I had my monthly OB visit this past Friday. I also had my glucose test, which by the way doesn't taste as bad as girls on the internet say it does. Fruit Punch flavor is pretty good! Anywho, the visit went well! Once again, hearing sprout's heartbeat just made me so happy. Yep, still get tears in my eyes. I am measuring on schedule. Everything else is peachy. Only small thing is that I gained a bit more than I should have. Not something that I need to be concerned about, doctor did point out that Thanksgiving and Christmas did happen. Also my in-laws have been here, so I've been eating way more than normal. Doctor told me I'll be fine if I just get back to eating normal. Of course I'm more bothered by it than I should be, it's alarming seeing my weight so high! Although, everyone who sees me says I've just gained baby and not all over, which is so true. I won't be getting any more ultrasounds either. That means the next time we see sprout will be for reals!! And after my next appointment, I go every two weeks. Yes, things are flying by!

I've been feeling pretty good. I had a much needed easy day yesterday, which makes me feel much happier and not so stressed. Since my bum and back have been feeling great, I even managed working out to my prenatal exercise dvd. I took it easy, but it felt good to move and use some light weights. My belly has certainly be growing and it's at the point now where it's affecting my upper stomach. I constantly feel the muscle there being stretched and sometimes my side ribs get achey. Hee hee, it's such a weird feeling when I laugh too, I have to hold my stomach. Another interesting thing, I can totally feel that sprout's hanging out on my right side, since it's pretty hard over there and not so much on the left side.

Other than that, nothing else really happening. I think this weekend, we are going to start working on the nursery. We're either going to just prime the walls, or completely paint it, along with our Master Bathroom. We picked out the color of the room, which I'm super excited about. Once all that's painted, it's baby furniture time! I'm just itching to get that room ready...or at least cleared out. It's so jam packed with baby stuff in there.

Oh and we found out good friends of ours are expecting their 2nd kid! I am just over the moon for them. We also know another couple who's pregnant with their 2nd and another couple who will be trying for number 2 this year. It's funny because all these people, had their first kids around the same time too, though . It's also fun to be apart of a baby group...since it always seems that's how it happens. People get pregnant in groups.


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