Friday, December 28, 2012

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

This week...

Pregnancy Ups

- This week has been a great pain free week! No back pain, bum pain or calf pain. It feels good.

- I am soon going to be the owner of my very own Oral Kiely diaper bag! It's been a dream of mine to own one of her bags. Thank you awesome sale and Christmas money.

- Not really pregnancy related, but Rob has been working hard this week and fixing up a lot of stuff around the house. It's the start of our "Things we gotta get done before baby comes" and it feels good. When I get home tonight I can...*gasp* park in the garage again!

Pregnancy Downs

- I'm still feeling pretty stressed and worn out from all the Christmas prep. While I loved doing it, it's just got me all wound up and I feel I just can't get a break to fully relax. Of course the pregnancy hormones are making it worse and I've become pretty moody.

- I'm almost at the point again where I need to start buying more clothes. Tops are becoming scarce and wearing a top that's a little too tight isn't very cute anymore.

- My belly is making it harder to do some normal things. You should hear me grunting while I try to lace up my shoes, hee hee.


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