Monday, December 24, 2012

24 weeks

Woah Belly!! This is the first week where I noticed a difference from the beginning of the week till today. Which went like this, "OMG Rob!! Look at this!! Look at my belly! Crazy!!!" Sprout is also moving so much more, which just makes me so happy. I noticed the baby has moved higher up since I'm feeling more belly movements rather than the crotch kicks from before. Big changes here!

So I've got some major cravings now. Anything with chocolate chips....just hearing the words chocolate chip practically makes me drool. And with all the baking I've been doing, I have 3 bags of chocolate chips leftover in the pantry! Yes I still put it with my oatmeal. Sandwich wraps, something about putting delicious food in a tortilla/wrap just makes it so much better. I had this tofu and veggie wrap the other day, you would've thought I was eating some gourmet 5 star meal. And Christmas cookies. Um, how many can I eat in one sitting? Let's not go there. Thankfully, I eat healthy throughout the day, so I balance out the cookies. Why do cookies taste so much better around the holidays? It must be the love!


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