Sunday, December 16, 2012

23 weeks

You know, looking at these photos back to back, I really don't see a difference, but I know I am much bigger this week.

Once again I'm really starting to feel the toll of pregnancy. Saturday we decided to walk the dogs before lunch time. Now I wasn't hungry and I snacked on some fruit before and I also went to the bathroom. Half way through our walk I started to feel that pressure in my pelvic area and my tail bone was all ready really tight. We walked a littler further and I had to stop, it felt like I had been running a race. While heading back I had to stop a couple more times, even sitting down since at that point I was feeling a bit faint. By the time we got to our street, I couldn't go any further and Rob went and got the car. Mind you it wasn't far at all. After some lunch and a nap, I felt great again! Then again I felt the same way when we went to the store the next day. I actually had to go back and sit in the car while Rob finished the shopping. It's so extremely frustrating to me to feel like that. I was almost in tears yesterday out of embarrassment and frustration. I don't want to not be able to do things! Again, once I got home, rested a bit and ate lunch and felt fine. Fine enough to clean up, start my holiday baking and even go to the store by myself. I can't exactly pin point why I feel like that sometimes and not others. I do have my OB appointment in two weeks, which I'll ask the doctor. I don't think it's anything, just my body growing and adjusting.

With all that happened and all the time before that, I have to say how awesome Rob is. He takes such amazing care of me. He's constantly making sure I'm ok and helping me out. He did all my baking shopping today and surprised me with some chocolate. He constantly makes sure I eat often and plenty.  He's doesn't even mind doing our Bradley Method exercises together. Sometimes I get annoyed at him and sometimes I feel like I'm being lazy, but he reminds me that I'm already doing enough growing a baby and it's his job to help me. I couldn't be more grateful and proud that I am married to someone so awesome. Knowing that he's already so supportive of me actually doesn't make me that afraid of when I go into labor, because I know he'll be there next to me the whole way through. I'm always a stronger person when I'm with him.


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