Sunday, December 9, 2012

22 weeks

The uncomfortable part of being pregnant is starting to creep in now. These past few days I noticed a lot more pressure around my pelvic area and sometimes it's down right uncomfortable. But always before I start getting miffed at my situation, sprout moves around for me and then I'm all happy again because I got to feel the baby move. With this new pressure and the ache in my bum, I'm taking it easy again with  my activities, like when cleaning the house, I'll take little breaks. I'm going to give my prenatal workout dvd another week off, but continue to do my yoga. Before I got down because I couldn't exercise or walk the dogs or even move around normally, but it clicked this weekend that it's ok that I can't do these things. As long as I do my best and still honor and take care of my body.

Saturday we headed over to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a 5k that Rob and some friends were running. They got to run around the actual NASCAR tracks, pretty cool! I was always hoping to at least walk it, but I totally wouldn't have be able to to. Walking and standing around where we were was  even a bit too much for me. There was another pregnant girl there with us and it was fun to be around her and compare our pregnancies so far. She's on her 4th pregnancy, 4th boy too. Their 3 boys are so cute and well behaved. Our other friends had their kids too (who are just as cute and well behaved) and it's just fun and exciting for us to hang out with other parents. It's funny because we keeping getting the, "You guys are just cute cuz you have no idea".

This week we start our Bradley Method classes! I'm so excited! I remember when December was so far away. I'm curious to see how the class is going to be and what all we're going to learn. I mean I know the kind of things we'll be taught, but it's different when you're actually there. It's also crazy to think that we'll be taking these classes once a week for 12 weeks, which finishes in March, which is a month before I'm due. I'll make sure I write about our first class!


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