Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sprout's 18 week Ultrasound

Well! This was certainly an eventful ultrasound!

After weeks of waiting, it was finally the day for the big ultrasound! This is the ultrasound where parents can find out the sex of their baby, Rob and I are going to waiting until delivery day. I have to admit, I built up this day a little too much. I had been pretty anxious to start feeling the baby move these past couple of weeks. I just needed confirmation that everything is going good. It's kind of hard not to feel like that when appointments are just once a month. And to top it off, I slept poorly that night and woke up feeling just groggy, which carried out through the day.

We finally got to the doctors office and we didn't have to wait at all (I know right?) The tech girl was very nice and got straight to business. And there it was, our little sprout looking better than ever and so much more like a real baby now. RELIEF! Man, the profile on that's just amazing, look at its little nose and lips. Everything measured great on the ultrasound. She said it was a good healthy baby and still measuring bigger than the given due date.

Towards the end of the ultrasound, I started not to feel so good. I thought it was because of the yogurt I had, all them nerves and just her pressing down on my belly in an awkward was. She had me lay on my side and we took a little break. Well, I guess I decided to go a bit further than a break and just completely faint right then and there! Yup, I fainted laying down during my ultrasound! Once again, my pesky low blood pressure was the culprit and the fact she was pressing down on a main artery. That's the same artery that later in your pregnancy can become squished when laying on your back and cut off oxygen if you stay like that for too long. It's funny because that was actually a question of mine for the OB and I found out first hand about it. But everything is all good and no one seemed too concerned afterwards. I stayed strong and laughed about it saying how I really needed that little nap, ha ha. Rob was also awesome and remembered exactly what he needed to do if I ever fainted again (I am prone to fainting with my blood pressure, but it rarely happens)

After all the hoopla, we got to see the doctor for my exam. Again he confirmed that the baby looked great and everything was normal. Also, only the tech knows what we're having, she has to check to see if there's normal genitals. She was really fast, meaning she saw what she needed easily. Hmm. He also mentioned that my placenta is in the front of the belly and because of that, it may take a little longer to feel the baby move. I'm totally ok with that, because now know what to expect and not get anxious. I also got weighed and I've gained around 10 lbs all ready. It's funny since it's been 10 years since I last saw those numbers, but I feel so awesome about my body right now.

alien baby is looking at you!!

Overall, I am so happy! I feel good about everything now and my mind is eased from all the worry that it's been dealing with. Again, I am so grateful for how lucky I have been with this pregnancy and that our baby is big and healthy.


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