Friday, November 23, 2012

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

This week...

Pregnancy Ups:

- I still continue to feel amazing! In fact, sometimes I feel better than when I did before I was pregnant. A good amount of energy, never feeling I need coffee, decent appetite and all around good mood.

- My family finally gets to see me pregnant! I know they are all so excited to see me. It's a lot of fun when you can share your joy with others.

- While I may not look it, my belly is really growing down there. I love laying in bed with my hand on my belly, thinking good happy thoughts to our little sprout.

Pregnancy Downs:

- Ok, this is silly, but I really wish I was showing more! I thought that at this point you'd really be able to tell. But like my mom said, it just looked like I gained weight, which is true.

- Sleeping is still an ongoing issue. Whether it's getting up to pee, waking up and have my mind racing or having the cat insist on sleeping next to me ALL night even when I'm tossing and turning.


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