Monday, November 19, 2012

19 weeks

It's finally happened. I truly feel pregnant now. I notice it with my body, my clothes, how I feel and just the sense that it's really happening and there's a baby in there! I think seeing the latest ultrasound really resonated with me.

I've also noticed a big difference with my old clothes...I have like 2 pants I can wear without having the zipper all the way down. And I've got a belly showing with all my shirts. It's all quite funny and crazy. That's not me feeling fat, that's like "Hey we're growing a baby here!" I look back at the previous week by week photos and sometimes I just can't see a difference. Like this week I'm just a bit more rounded out. It's going to be interesting to see these upcoming weeks compared to the old photos.

I can start playing music for the baby. A couple times now I put a headphone on my belly where I know its head is and played some classical music. I'm curious to see if I consistently play the same classical songs that when the baby is born it'll recognized and be relaxed by it. Rob was telling me about these birds who sing a specific song to their eggs and when it hatches, the baby birds will sing that song and that's how the parents know it's theirs.

I also want to start our registry soon since Christmas is coming up and such. I just really want to plan all that we're going to need and want. I'm the type of person who likes to make lists and plan ahead. I want to know what we'll need way in advanced and have time to think about it and not choose stuff that looks cool or think we might need. I learned that from our wedding, like margarita glasses are fun, but you only use them once a year maybe. I want to be smart with the baby just because there's so much crap out there and I don't want a lot of crap. I just want essentials.

Have a good one!


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