Friday, November 16, 2012

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

This week...

Pregnancy Ups:

- The ultrasound was the biggest up this week. It was such a joy and relief to see our baby so big and healthy!

-  I overcame my body issues with getting bigger and I am totally loving and am comfortable with my body now. Hearing the doctor tell me that my weight gain is great and say "What ever you are doing, just keep doing it."

- I've been proud of what I've been eating this week. I'm making an effort to eat foods that I've been kind of lacking like vitamin C and calcium. Fortified Orange Juice and Total cereal are awesome for that. Sometimes it's hard to eat the daily requirements of everything, but even small efforts help.

Pregnancy Downs:

- I got a call from the OB office, looks like I have an urinary tract infection and that it's the Strep kind. I don't know too much about it, but right now I need antibiotics and then when I'm in labor, I'll be given something so the baby doesn't get the bacterial infection. My doctor will talk about it next appointment. Nothing serious, but I am a bit bummed out that I'm sick. Although that probably explains the slight pain and cramps I feel if I really need to go.

- My sinuses have been really stuffed up. I just get this pressure in my forehead and it's annoying. We finally got the humidifier up and running again, so I'm hoping it'll help.

- My anxiety has been on high this week triggered from my fainting spell. It usually takes a few days for me to feel normal again and not paranoid that I'll faint again. Thankfully I have little sprout to inspire me to not given into my anxiety and to strive to be healthy.


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