Friday, November 9, 2012

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

I can't believe it's Friday already. I'm a little worried that November is going to go by too quickly!

Pregnancy Ups:

- I'm finally getting chances to tell our neighbors that we're expecting. We have some pretty cool neighbors on our street, but with the weather getting cold and Rob being busy with work, we just never really got the chance to see and tell them. But I got to tell a couple of them this past week and it was pretty sweet.

- I've had this annoying back/butt muscle pain for a couple months now and last week it was pretty bad, but ever since we got back from New York, it's so much better! Such a relief. I had my monthly chiropractor appointment and he showed me an awesome stretch to get it feeling even better. The longer I can keep up with getting my back feeling good the better.

- Once again I'd like to mention my love for the Pregger Leggings. The fact that I survived sitting in a car for 11 hours twice and not be sore or anything is just amazing. I normally don't fall for gimmick like  products, but I got these knowing that runners and athletes wear compression garments to help them and it worked!

Pregnancy Downs:

- My stomach has really been touchy lately, like digestion wise. Always gurgling and makes all sorts of noises. I've had to take Tums a couple times, but I don't want to take it too much. I've always dealt with a sensitive stomach, but it's been so good since I got pregnant. Last Saturday I had calamari, which I love, and I could barely eat my dinner because I got so crampy. I had to lay down for about an hour for my stomach to settle. I've also noticed I'm not as hungry either and sometimes I make myself eat more than I want to because I know that I need to eat more.

- Everyday I keep waiting to feel sprout move because I know any day now it will happen. It's so nerve wracking because I want to feel it move so I know that it's all still good down there. Thankfully I have my OB appointment on Monday and I'll be able to see sprout again.

- Our mead got ruined!! With the big temperature drops and us not using heat until last week the container of mead started pulling bleach water in from the other bucket instead of putting air bubbles and other waste into the bucket as intended. We'll have to start over unfortunately, and I'll tell you, 15 lbs of honey is not cheap at all.


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