Tuesday, November 6, 2012

17 weeks

I just love seeing these weeks get higher and higher!

Reason for the post delay? We were in New York!
Last winter Rob signed up to run the New York City Marathon on Nov. 3rd. We had planned this to be a fun trip, see the city, hang out at a cool apartment, eat noodle bowls. Well, as you can guess what happened...none of that worked out due to the big storm that hit last week.

By the time we left on Thursday, the marathon was still on, so we still headed to New York with back up plans ready. Rob's parents live in New York, so we went there first to drop off the dogs and see what we'd do. Thankfully, they suffered barely any damage from the storm. But I'll tell you, watching the local news was so sad. We decided that Rob will go down to the city and I'll stay with the in-laws and we'd meet him at the finish. But on Friday evening they had canceled the race all together. Which was a very good decision, but a little too late. We ended up having a nice weekend anyways, spending time with Rob's parents, seeing Wreck it Ralph and eating way too much. We even went to church in the church we got married in, so nice.

I was a little anxious about being in the car for  11 hours. My doctor told me I should get out every hour and walk around for at least 5 minutes. I wasn't too keen on that since you just want to go and get there.  I bought a pair of Pregger Maternity Leggings and I have to say, they were awesome!! My legs felt so great sitting in the car for so long. In fact, we stopped about every 2 hours and I still felt good. Once it was 3 hours, that pushed it and I felt crappy.

I also tried eating as best as I could on the trip. Going there I brought a mini veggie tray, fruit, some jerky and trail mix. I didn't do so good after that. I didn't drink a lot of water, ate some candy and it was like that all weekend too. But, that just fuels me to eat better now that I'm home again.

One of the best moments this weekend was taking this picture at a H&M fitting room.

You can really see my baby bump in it! It just makes me so incredibly happy to see myself growing.


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