Friday, February 15, 2013

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

According to my due date, I've hit the 2 month mark! Crazy sauce!!

This week...

Pregnancy Ups

- We had our 2 week appointment. Everything is going great. We are all measuring where we are supposed to be. The doctor even checked sprout's position, nice and head down. He even put mine and Rob's hands where the head is. It's so crazy to feel an actual head! Also, my doctor said a maternity belt might help with all my uncomfortableness and wrote me a prescription to get one.

- My dad sent me a gigantic teddy bear for Valentine's Day. I was laughing so hard when we opened the box at the shear size of it. The bear, named Benjamin, is currently sitting in the nursery chair. I can't wait to take a picture of sprout and Benjamin, a tiny baby next to a 4 1/2 ft bear.

- The other day at work I had a craving for some chocolate ice-cream or a chocolate milkshake. Not a bad craving, but it just sounded sooo good. Rob walked by my desk and half joking I ask him to go get me a milkshake. He then goes out of the office, me thinking he's just going to the bathroom. A few minutes go by and I start to wonder...surely he didn't go! Sure enough, Rob comes back with a milkshake in his hands. I have the BEST husband!!

Pregnancy Downs

- This rib pain is a bummer. Morning car rides are no fun. I try to relax and breath through it as best as I can. My doctor said not much I can do and I understand...look what's going on in my body, it's in a constant state of change.

- I can tell we're going through a growth spurt when my tummy starts to burn. This week was particularly intense. I couldn't have anything touching my belly. Nice excuse to by body lotion.

- Despite the milkshake being so awesome, I have come to the realization that I just cannot have cold dairy. I mean I really couldn't have it before I was pregnant, but Pepto was always there to take if I needed it. I can't have Pepto now and since my digestion is much slower, it takes that much longer for my body to try and process the dairy. Not fun people! Thankfully I can still eat pizza!


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