Monday, February 18, 2013

32 weeks

Not quite 32 weeks, but close

No official photo this week. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend and by the time we got back I was beat.

We had a nice time down at Myrtle. Rob and a few of our friends ran the marathon. Everyone did an awesome job! Their crazy celebration afterwards was well worth it. Unfortunately, the weather got crappy after the race with cold, wind and some rain. No walking along the beach for me. However, because of that started to snow on Saturday night! Big fat snow flakes!! (Meantime, Charlotte had already gotten over an inch of snow and was gone by the time we got home, boo) Sunday we hit the outlet stores before heading home. Motherhood had a store there. I got a couple things. I wish we had more time to check out other stores, but we needed to be back in Charlotte to pick up the dogs.

Rob and group, who ran the marathon and half marathon

The rest of the week was nice, but just so busy with all our appointments, work and pre marathon stuff. Our infant and child CPR class was good and informative. I highly recommend taking a class like that. The doctors went really well as I talked about on Friday. I'm feeling pretty good. My belly is popping again, and I'm now rounder than ever. And I've been craving Ben and Jerry's this week thanks to the new store that opened by us.


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