Friday, December 27, 2013

Sam & Suzy This Week

I couldn't help it! hee hee

This week just flew by! It's actually nice having Christmas on a Wednesday, it helps break up the week.

Sam's been at Rob's parents for the week. It's so sweet to see them together. Sam does love his grandma and grandpa. ALWAYS smiles when grandpa walks by. Hopefully one day soon, Sam will get to spend more time with them. For now, this is great.

Sam is beginning to be a bit clingingy and will cry if I leave the room. Secretly, I've been waiting for this moment...come on, it's sweet! He really does love me! Buuuut, at the same time, I do feel bad. I don't want him to cry. He doesn't cry when we leave in the morning, but if we come home and I say go to the restroom, he'll cry a little. He also likes sitting in my lap and doesn't want to be anywhere else sometimes. I think right now, a lot of it is him teething a bit and he's not feeling the greatest. He's like that as well when he's tired.

It's been a lovely week. With the excitement and joy of the holidays and the sunshine we've been getting, I've been feeling great. Working on Sam's cardboard house and the mat and pillow was a lot of fun. Reminds me that I truly enjoy making things. I also got to bake a pie! Apple pie with beer soaked apples.

AND!! I have gotten a lot of alone time this week with being sick one day and baking the pie another (2 hours to soak apples in beer!!). It's such a weird feeling and I get to the point where I start to get very lonely. But I got to watch a cheesy Christmas movie, catch up on Once Upon a Time, walk the dogs, and just sit. *dreamy sigh*


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