Friday, December 20, 2013

Sam & Suzy This Week

sam wearing a sweater rob's grandma made for when rob was a baby

Sam moved into the Infant II class at daycare! I'm actually very excited for him. He gets to be with some of his older buddies that moved there a while back and he has a few of his other classmates that moved with him. He has a new room to explore, which has tunnels, little hills and other fun stuff.

His teachers say he's really enjoying it. I think a major reason for that is that it's a much calmer environment. The babies there are older and don't required so much one on one attention. Ya can't blame the little ones, it's what they do. But Sam and his classmates are now learning to be more independent and have fun exploring the world. They do a lot more activities like songs and books and working on skills like pushing a toy truck.

I'm curious to see how fast he develops now that most of his classmates either just started walking or are for reals crawling. Seriously, I predict this boy is going to walk at 10 months!

I will be positive in my little section here even though it's been a stressful week and I've been on the negative side lately.
Good things:
- I pulled out some old pants and while I can't really zip and button them up, throw on a belt and I can wear them. Yay for more stuff that fits.

- Me and the dogs took a much needed walk and the sun was shining. I think we all had a huge smile.

- I started doing my back/core exercises again. Thankfully with all the baby picking up, my back has been doing great!

- Starting reading the Golden Compass again for like the 4th time. It's interesting to read a book that I read over 15 years ago and notice and look at it in a different way with grown up eyes.

- I've been putting coconut oil in my coffee and I love it. It all started when I read about butter coffee and I saw that people put coconut oil as well in their coffee.

- I've been a good girl around the holiday treats! Usually just sticking to 1-2 cookies a day. It's going to be extra hard next week, but I know I can still be good!


Dena Joan said...

Hooray for Sam movin' on up! He is just too precious in that sweater, honest to goodness. I feel you on the stressful week/negativity -- that's how last week was for me. Things seem to be turning around this weekend, though, and I hope it keeps up. xo

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