Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-Bye 2013

This year has got to be one of my favorites! You can't beat the experience of having your first child. Totally magical. I'm sad to see it end, but at the same time...2014 is going to rock!

Here's my summary of the past year!

We got the nursery ready and I won $100 from EarthFare for my resolution.
Ikea furniture!

February -
Went to Myrtle Beach with friends for the marathon. It snowed!
Myrtle Beach Marathon

March -
Really getting ready for Sam. Painted master bathroom and fixed up the fence in the backyard.
Traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner for the boys

April -
Hello Sam!
We waited a long time for you buddy!

May -
Got to celebrate my first mother's day and Sam started smiling.
My first Mother's Day

June -
Celebrating my birthday and summer.
Loving the backyard

July -
Having fun at the Farmer's Market.
Fun at the Farmer's Market

August -
Tasting solid food for the first time!
Solid food!

September -
Labor day, trip to the zoo with friends and first hair cut!

October -
We baptized Sam and my family came to visit.
Baptizing Sam

November -
New car, Thanksgiving in New York and meeting cousins.

December -
Sam's first Christmas, it was so sweet and wonderful.


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