Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Weekend

Sam really hit some milestones this weekends!

On Saturday, I was putting him down for a nap and he was being all chatting and awake and then he does it...he grabs the rail and starts pulling up! He gets on his knees and I'm just laughing and starting at him. I take a few steps back to see what he'll do and sure enough, he's standing! I call Rob over and we're both just laughing. Then Rob quickly proceeded to lower the mattress to the bottom level because his brother had broken his leg as a baby trying to climb out of the crib. (let's hope Sam takes after me or Rob and not his uncles, hee hee)

In the afternoon, we went and visited Santa! It was so sweet, I almost started crying. Sam was a little shocked, didn't know what to think of this big furry guy and the person with the big camera.

For dinner we always have Sam sit in the highchair with us. I'll give him little bits of food of it's something we've had before and he usually just pushes it around. He knows its food because if it's on his finger, he'll open his month. That night I gave him some broccoli and carrots and he tried grabbing it and put some in his mouth. Poor little guy kept missing, but he knew what to do! We tried it again on Sunday and he got a few pieces in, which caused everyone to yell out and scare Sam, hee hee.

Oh and then on Saturday (again, big day) I was putting a tape roll on his head and he knew if he turned his head, it'd fall off. I'd then put it on my head and let it fall. We kept doing it back and forth and he thought it was funny! I even put it on the cat and the dogs. It's so cool to see him realize thing like that. That he knows if he moves his head, something will happen. He tried doing it with his hat too the next morning which got me cracking up.

It's just so amazing to see all this happen in such a small span of time.


Dena Joan said...

So many exciting developments! This time really is like a new adventure every day. Hooray Sam! xo

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