Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby, it's cold season

sick Sam means lots of special cuddles and naps with mommy

Ah cold season. Where germs are just as giving as we are this holiday season.

Sam has had a cold for little over a week now. Our monthly cold. It's the norm right now and no reason to be upset because how do you prevent germs being spread at a daycare where babies learn about their world by putting everything in their mouth?

We ended up taking him to the doctors because he had such a bad cough. It was keeping him US up at night and he'd get so wiped out from all the coughing. But all is good. It's just a cold. His throat is very red, almost thought it was strep. It makes sense if you cough a lot, it'll make your throat sore.

Since he's a bit older, Sam's doctor recommended some tea for him to drink. She recommended Yogi Tea's Throat Comfort and echinacea tea. The echinacea tea will help him get over the cold and build up his immunity. We are to give him only 1oz 2 -3 times a day.

It makes me feeling good that we can help him now when he gets sick. Before all we could do was run the humidifier. I hope the echinacea helps. I'll be drinking that too because I still get sick when he's sick. How can I not kiss and cuddle this little guy even when he's snotty and coughing in my face?


Dena said...

Poor baby Sam! Sending along lots of love, hugs, & get-well wishes. xo

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