Friday, September 28, 2012


fermenting mead

When Rob first started brewing beer a few years ago, he mentioned that he wanted to also try making mead ("honey wine"), since it's simple and we already have the equipment. I read up on it and I noticed it takes about 6-9 months for it to ferment and age.


I told him to hold off on brewing mead until we got pregnant, then make it and when we have the baby, our mead will be ready too! Of course we waited to do this a little bit longer than hoped...

But about a month ago when we first found out we were pregnant, Rob said, "Guess what we can make now?!" Mead!!

A couple weeks ago, we got our supplies and Rob brewed some mead. He made a simple recipe with a bit of raspberries for a little hint of berry sweetness. Currently it's sitting up in the "beer closet" fermenting and by April it'll be ready! It's exciting to know that this drink it brewing along with our baby.

Of course I'm already planning a party which we bust open some mead and celebrate our baby being born.

Trivia: Mead was actually made to drink right after a wedding to ensure happiness and fertility, hence...Honeymoon!


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