Monday, September 24, 2012

11 weeks

11 weeks in!

I am kind of starting to notice a bump. More like an extending of my upper abs. I knew it'd be a little difficult for me to really start seeing a bump since I do have a pooch from when I lost a bunch of weight in my early 20's. My clothes are the biggest giveaway, shirts are tighter and some pants I can't wear anymore. It's this really awkward stage, no point in buying bigger sizes and too soon to buy maternity clothes. I do have a belly band, which I've worn once, but that doesn't help when the pants are tight in the thighs.

Everyday I am feeling more like my old self again, which thankfully I never felt really awful. I still get a bit tired and on weekends I usually take a nap. Food is still a bit hard for me, nothing really sounds appealing and thinking about food makes my stomach achy. It's actually quite frustrating because I was healthy girl! I made sure I ate veggies and fruits and a balanced diet. I loved desserts and sweets and coffee, even decaf, was a lovely warm morning ritual. Now, the only things that sound good is pizza, cold cereal, apples, oranges, pancakes and comfort food, which I've been craving my mom's cooking, but she's on vacation right now and I can't get any recipes. Oh and I've been a little hormonal, tears came a bit too easily these past couple of days.

This past weekend we also checked out the hospital where we are having our baby. Yeah, a little early, but they were having a baby fair and I couldn't pass is up. You should've seen how many magazines I got! I'm pretty familiar with this hospital already and its maternity/woman's health ward since that's where I stayed for 3 days when I had my surgery last year. It's a very nice and clean hospital and everyone is super friendly. The labor rooms are just as nice and, to my pleasant surprise, there's a jetted bath tub in each labor room for natural birthers, yay!


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