Monday, September 17, 2012

10 weeks

I am 10 weeks!

No bump yet, but it's still pretty early in the game. I am still feeling awesome, in fact, I've been feeling way better than I have been these past few weeks (which wasn't all that bad). I switched vitamins on Thursday night and since then, my dry icky mouth and my general morning sickness went away. Coincidence? Sometimes I still feel off and thinking about food just isn't as fun as it used to be. Oh and smells. I had my first melt down because the cat little box smelled bad, the air freshener stunk even worse and there was no escaping it. But we moved the box to its old spot and the air freshener is now in the garage and I'm a happy camper.

I'm starting to retire clothes now. Everyday I add something to the pile. It's mostly shirts though since most of my pants were always a little loose and needing a belt. Needless to say, I rarely wear a belt anymore. But that bloat feeling has gone away or I've just accepted it. I think every girl struggles with the first initial weight gain/thickening and then eventually gives up. You tell yourself that this is what's supposed to happen, but it's like, "Noo! Too soon!" And of course, not seeing a cute baby bump doesn't help.

This week my goal is to start exercising again. Walking the dogs is always my #1 form of moving around, more for the dog's sake than mine. I have a prenatal yoga dvd and a prenatal work dvd too. It's a weird thing knowing that you're not working out to lose weight, but just to stay in shape and help my body. Also, sitting at work all day just to come home and sit on the couch...well, that's lame and no good. I do try to at least take a short walk at work during lunch, even if it's only for like 5 minutes.

This week I have my 2nd OB appointment. I get a full head to toe check up and I get an ultrasound. I can't wait to hear sprout's heartbeat again, it's just the most amazing sound.


sealedwithmyhug said...

I am just SO over the moon excited for you guys! *squeeeeee* I am thinking healthy thoughts for you both. ;)

Really... could not have happened to a better couple and after you have been through I am so stoked your first IVF went well and didn't have to go through that over and over.

I am going to have to think of the perfect gift to send. Are you going to find out the sex and if so will you announce it?


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