Monday, March 25, 2013

37 weeks

Relief! Sweet sweet relief!

Sprout was extra wiggly on Friday. I had a lot of fun feeling its little feet, a first for me. I didn't realize until I woke up in the middle of the night that my body felt GREAT! I wasn't sore and achy as I normally am at night. Sure enough when I woke up and looked at my belly, everything was shifted more to the left giving my poor right side a much needed break. And it's just crazy cuz I can bend over more easily, sitting's not so bad anymore and I barely have rib/back pain. So thank you little baby for moving and making mommy feel better. And you know what that also means....sprout's getting itself into better position for labor day!

edit: I spoke too soon! I had some awful rib pain this morning. Oh sprout, just stay in one place please!

We spent a lot of this weekend being pretty lazy. This is actually the first weekend in a long while where we didn't have anything big and crazy or work related. We watched a couple of movies, I took a morning nap and just plain vegged out. We did get a few things done though. The shelf and my print that I bought are hung up. The car seat is installed too!

This weekend was also my baby shower thrown by the neighborhood girls. It was so incredibly sweet and touching that they threw me a party. It was a fun time, seeing all the other girls from our street. A reminder that summer is coming and we'll all be having cul-de-sac get togethers again. There was lots of yummy treats too eat, including cupcakes(yay) Everyone got me such nice gifts too! So so grateful!

I told Rob the other day that there's just about 4 more weekends left till we have a baby. That's not a lot at all when I think of it that way.


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