Sunday, March 3, 2013

34 weeks

And we're back with our official belly shots!

34 weeks! That's is just bananas! Technically I can have this baby at any time now and it be healthy. My mom had me a month early and my sister had my nephew early too. Am I going to be like them too?

Astrologically speaking, I'm not crazy about an Aries baby. Give me 5 more days past my due date and let me have a Taurus. I know how to handle them. Or if I really had my choice, I'd love a Pisces baby (but that puts me a month early).

Anyways! I am beginning to understand why girls in their third trimester are just so ready to have their babies and why they are so miserable. I feel uncomfortable one way or another most of the time now. Whether it's my middle back, shoulder, burning stomach, slowness of my digestive track or the general constant achiness. Last night, a Saturday, I went to bed at 9 because I just couldn't get comfortable on the couch and my mind and body were out of whack due from working earlier that day. But don't get me wrong, I don't go around complaining all the time. In fact, only Rob hears my woes. So while it might not be so fun and easy anymore, it's never so bad and it is a part of being pregnant. Just a handful of weeks left!

March is here and that means we really gotta focus getting our baby to-do list done. Starting this week, we should be back to normal around here. But no more dilly-dallying! We've got things like a master bathroom to paint and decorate, an office to clean up and get organized, making room for baby stuff in the kitchen, a big clean around the house, cleaning the carpets and couch, preregistering for the hospital, writing our birth plan, install car seat and other little things. The nursery is close to being finished up, we've got just a few things to hang up. Oh and another thing on our list, one awesome night out on the town! Dinner and movie. Since those will be few and far between.

This week we have our baby shower with work. I'm quite excited about it! Mostly because we all get to hang out outside of work.

Speaking of work. The craziness of the past few months and weeks are about to be over! We just launched our brand new website and we changed our name! Check it out! Rob and our boss have been working so hard designing and getting the site up and running.


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